What’s On The Menu?

While our menu continues to grow and evolve on a daily basis, here’s the kind of choices you’ll typically find during a Bacon Mania Truck lunch or dinner stop:


Bacon Ball Trio -  Three of our most delicious bacon-wrapped bites of brilliance – The Mac’n Bac’n (Cheddar Bacon Mac n’ Cheese), the Bacon Mignon (Petite Filet and Gorgonzola) and the PB&J (on crustless Wonder Bread). Wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon and Deep Fried.

Bacon Cheese Crisps -  Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Hickory Smoked Bacon Crumbles, fried to a crispy chip. Served w/ Sour Cream.

Speedy Gonzales – Arriba! Whole jalapeno stuffed w/ Sharp Cheddar Cheese and wrapped with Applewood Smoked Center Cut Bacon.  Sauced with our Spicy Chipayo.

Dog Nuts – Always served in pairs, this occasionally featured ball is a Greek Pepperoncini wrapped in Carne Asada and then wrapped in Applewood Smoked Center Cut Bacon!

Flash-fried Spinach – Deep fried, then tossed in Parmesan and Malabar Pepper, and topped with Bacon Crumbles.

The Main Grub

Jack Back Sammie -   Thick-sliced egg bread, crisped and stuffed with Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Hickory Smoked Bacon. (Ask about customizing your Jack!)

B.L.T. – We serve this classic sammie on a Whole Wheat Hoagie with  Malabar-peppered Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and our Spicy Chipayo. (Add Avo to make it A-mazing!)

The Piggy Back –   These pork-on-pork sliders are made from Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Shoulder, mixed with Hickory Smoked Bacon, tossed in our Bacon BBQ Sauce, then topped with a tangy Carolina Slaw!

All-American Sliders – 50% Bacon / 50% Angus Patty, topped with crisp Lettuce, Bacon, Cheddar, BBQ Sauce & a slice of Green Apple.

E-I-E-I-Ouch! – The whole farmyard on a bun!  Two Lamb, Beef & Bacon Patties, served on Toasted Rolls with Jalapeno Chevre,  leaf Lettuce and Havarti crisps!

The Rico - Gourmet 1/2 lb. All-Beef  Frankfurter, wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon, then smothered in Caramelized Onions, Grilled Jalapenos, and our Spicy Chipayo.

Chili con Bacon -  Our smoky Chipotle Chili, with Pintos, Fire-Roasted Tomatos and Hickory Smoked Bacon, featuring Signature Beers from Local Breweries.

Mac’n Bac’n -  Our truckmade baked Macaroni and Cheese, with Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Hickory Smoked Bacon, with just a bit of a tangy kick!

Chili Mac! -  A smoky bowl of our Chili con Bacon, with a generous scoop of our Mac’n Bac’n piled on top.  (A little heat, a lot of YUM!)

Loaded Fries -  Crispy Shoestrings topped with your Bacony favorites! Choose Piggy Fries (Pork, Bacon & Slaw), Mac Fries (Mac’n Bac’n), or ChiChee Fries (Chili & Cheese).



Pig Feed -  Popcorn, Cashews, and Bacon, covered in Caramel — with a Cayenne kick!

Brownie Bites -  moist and chocolatey, wrapped in Bacon & deep fried, then drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

Cinni Bites -  Bite-sized Cinnamon Rolls wrapped in Bacon & deep fried. Dusted with Cinnamon & Sugar.